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Reform vs. competitors

Not all forms need to be a conversation

Our competitors force your respondents down a one-question-at-a-time path every time they fill out a form. We let you decide between conversational, transactional, or a mix.

Why Reform

Why choose Reform over alternatives?

Your brand shines through
Your forms need to look great. But they also need to look like they're yours. With Reform, your forms look super clean, and it's easy to add your own branding to spice things up.
Single or multi-page forms
One question per page is great for some forms, but we believe it’s a silly constraint. Sometimes a single page works better. If you want to have more than one question per page, that's cool too.
Clean, no-gimmicks design
If you love fancy animations and messing with default browser behavior, Reform won't be for you. Our approach to design is a clean, native look. We don't sacrifice usability just because it looks cool.
Templates for startups
Reform comes bundled with templates for common startup use cases, such as early access forms, intake forms, product-market fit surveys, and more. It's easy to start from scratch as well!
Easily access your response data
It's easy to review submissions in Reform or export them to a spreadsheet. With email notifications turned on, responses will land right in your inbox, and you can reply directly to respondents.
Accessible by default
Reform provides accessibility out of the box because you care about your respondents. We think accessibility is table stakes for a form builder today.

The problem

What’s wrong with the status quo?

There are a thousand, and then some, form builders out there. So why build another one? First of all, most of them were built a long time ago - and it shows with design that looks like it was built for another decade or is overly gimmicky with silly constraints for design's sake.

Second of all, the forms are either too difficult to make your own or look like someone else's brand. Add to that a lack of accessibility, slow forms (and form builders), and stock photo templates that look like boring slide shows. And we haven't even mentioned predatory pricing yet.

That's why we're building Reform.

How Reform is better

Your name, logo, and colors, front and center. Your brand shines through, not ours.
No silly constraints
You deserve the option of taking your respondent down a one-question-at-a-time path, or not.
Forms should render and display instantly. No loading spinners allowed.
Take care of all of your respondents with forms that anyone can read and answer.
Usable designs
Being beautiful shouldn't come at the cost of usability. No messing with default browser behavior just because it looks cool.


Our customers are the best

Use cases

Reform is great for

  • Early access pages
  • Lead capture
  • User feedback
  • SaaS onboarding surveys
  • Product & customer research
  • Job applications
  • Product-market fit surveys
  • And much more ...
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