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A form builder with sales chops.

Powerful lead forms with routing logic and built-in enrichment that integrate tightly with your CRM.

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“Simple, elegant, and stays out of the way. Best form product out there in my opinion.”


Collect and enrich your leads with Reform.

Catch abandoned submissions
The more questions you ask, the more you learn. Great, but what's the catch? Longer forms have lower completion rates. Thankfully, Reform still collects the answers when someone leaves before finishing.
Routing integrated with scheduling tools
All leads are not created equal. Reform makes it easy to send incoming leads down different paths based on rules — maybe one gets a prerecorded demo, while another gets the VIP scheduling link.
Leads as first-class citizens
A form is one of many touch points with a lead. It's hopefully not a one-off. Reform understands this, and in Reform, leads are first-class citizens with their own history and attributes.
Built-in enrichment
Some questions can be answered automatically by crawling the web, but some are better asked. Reform does both and is smart about what it asks when recognizing a lead.
Single or multi-page forms.
One question per page is great for some forms, but it's a silly constraint. Sometimes a single page works better. If you want more than one question per page, that's cool too.
Direct integration with your CRM
Your CRM is your source of truth, and safely getting your leads to your CRM is something Reform takes seriously. Reform has direct integrations with popular CRMs with custom mapping and handling of duplicates.
Embeddable on your website
Embedding Reform on your website is as simple as copying and pasting a small code snippet. However, if you want something more custom, headless forms give your developers ultimate control.
No coding or design needed
Out of the box, Reform is clean and simple. We call it "native design," as it doesn't try to stand out. Reform lets you build beautiful yet complicated multi-page forms without knowing how to code or design.

Use cases

Reform is great for

  • Lead forms
  • Demo request forms
  • Client intake forms
  • Enterprise quote forms
  • Early access forms
  • Contact forms
  • And much more ...
Reform lead form example
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