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360 review template

Create a free 360 review form with Reform

When doing a 360 review of an employee, you need a form to collect feedback about them from coworkers. Reform's 360 review template makes it easy.

Frequently asked questions

A 360-degree review is a new type of employee performance review that holistically assesses an employee's performance and helps them improve going forward. The 360° review highlights what an employee is doing well and where there’s room for improvement. In a 360° review, some organizations will ask that both colleagues and managers provide unbiased and thorough feedback.

Unlike traditional employee evaluations, a 360° review considers the overall development of the employee in becoming an integral part of the team, instead of focusing on whether or not they improved based on key metrics.

A 360° review form can help create cohesion and structure in your company’s review process, as your employees will be receiving the same structured feedback. At the same time, the review form can be modified to fit the needs or requirements of different departments. It is easy to create a 360° form with our selection of pre-built templates. Our forms also allow you to make modifications each year or quarter without starting from scratch.

Reform makes it easy to create a 360° review form. Simply create an account or try our builder as a guest for free. You can then select an existing template or you can build your own form from scratch. Add a text block at the top of the form to provide instructions to the reviewer. You can add quantitative questions and text fields to collect more detailed qualitative feedback.

Most teams have their own performance criteria to evaluate employees. That said, a 360 is designed to assess multiple sides of the employee’s performance.

The questions can be grouped into various categories—for instance, leadership, ownership, communication, and results. In each category, there can be a quantitative question grading the employee on a numerical scale.

There can also be an open text field for the reviewer to add any specific examples or comments. Some popular 360° questions include:

  • Does the employee take ownership of their work and responsibilities?
  • Does the employee work independently and with minimal supervision?
  • Does the employee communicate effectively with their peers?
  • Does the employee contribute by providing meaningful insight and results to the organization?
  • Does the employee demonstrate passion and engagement in their work?
  • Does the employee consistently deliver on expectations?

Reform supports almost any field type you can think of. When you build a form with us, you can include open text fields, multiple choice, rating scales, file uploads, and more.

In most cases, you can build your 360° review form in Reform completely for free. Our form builder is free to use for our basic features. You can even start using it without an account. Get started today!

Create a free 360 review form with Reform

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