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Employee evaluation template

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Frequently asked questions

Managers and HR professionals use an employee evaluation form to assess an employee's performance. Some also issue the form for employees to evaluate their own performance.

The form can be used for a mid-year performance review, quarter performance review, or annual review. Review forms are typically completed at the end of the year or at the end of each quarter, depending on your company's policy.

An employee evaluation form helps you track your employee's performance and make sure that they’re meeting their goals and objectives. It can also help identify areas of improvement that you can address in your review meetings. Reform allows you to easily manage and standardize all employee reviews and collect their responses in one platform.

With Reform, creating an employee evaluation form is easy. Start with a pre-built template or build a form from scratch. Use our user-friendly UI to add text, input fields, and more.

You can then save your form as a template to reuse or modify in future years. Once the form’s been created, all you have to do is to share the form with your employees.Their responses will be sent directly to you. You can even brand the form with your logo, use your colors and add as well as customize a confirmation page.

When creating an employee evaluation form, you want to include close-ended questions that can be measured quantitatively while giving the reviewer the option to leave additional feedback. Below are some examples of questions you can include in your employee evaluation form.

  • Does the employee demonstrate a positive attitude in the workplace?
  • Does the employee communicate effectively with team members?
  • Does the employee consistently deliver the quality of work expected?
  • Does the employee think critically to solve complex problems?
  • Does the employee show up on time and follow company guidelines?
  • Does the employee go above and beyond to help other team members?
  • Is the employee a reliable member of the team?

An employee performance review form should include a standardized rating system, such as a numerical scale or a multiple choice response centered around whether the employee meets expectations, does not meet expectations, or exceeds expectations.

Having an objective, standardized format for several key questions will make it easy to structure the data. It should also contain quantitative details to refer to when determining whether to promote or terminate an employee.

In addition, you should give room for written feedback that allows the reviewer to provide additional details and examples in support of their other responses.

When creating a management evaluation form, you should include questions that focus on different areas than those targeted at employees who do not manage staff.

For example, you can ask about the manager's ability to set and achieve goals, give feedback, develop direct reports, handle conflict, etc. You should request that the manager’s supervisors assess them in all of these areas.

Create a free employee evaluation form

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