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Job application template

Create a job application form with Reform

Your job application form is your first point of contact with your future employee, so you want to make sure it makes a great first-hand impression. Unfortunately, many applicants will skip your application form if it has a poor design, isn't accessible, or is slow to load. You also want to use a form builder that makes it easy to browse through and sort all the applications you receive.

With Reform, it's easy to create a fast, accessible, and beautiful job application form for your company. Once applications start to come in, it's easy to browse through them and add tags to help organize and take action.

Frequently asked questions

A job application template allows you to save time, money, and energy by creating a basic structure that can be used and re-purposed across specific positions or departments.

Creating a template off a template ensures each candidate provides the necessary information and avoids key details from being overlooked. Using Reform’s user-friendly UI, you can easily build a job application form and save it for future use.

Reform makes it easier than ever to create a job application form. Begin building your form by creating an account. Once you are on the dashboard, you can begin building your forms by going to templates and selecting “start from scratch.”

From there, you can pick the template you wish to use and customize the form by clicking on the given blocks and selecting what you want to put. For example, you can include text, images, and videos or create a field using one of our various input formats.

When creating a job application form, you'll want to include questions that will give you an idea of the applicant's work history, qualifications, availability, and other details important to your organization.

While there may be more specific fields you want to include for unique positions, you should keep the questions on your form fairly universal, so it can apply to multiple roles and departments. Some things you will want to include are:

  • Name
  • Job title
  • Contact information
  • Current location
  • Previous employment history
  • Awards, achievements, or accolades
  • Educational background
  • Why they are interested in working for your company
  • Why they believe they are a great fit for the role
  • How they heard about the job
  • An option to upload a cover letter
  • An option to upload a resume in lieu of employment history (this is easy to do using Reform’s question-delivery logic)

Reform makes it easy to build a custom job application form with all of the questions you’ll need to complete applications. You can start with one of our pre-built templates or create a form from scratch. Customize your branding by adding your logo and colors.

Plus, our form builder makes it easy to add, remove, or rearrange questions as needed. Did we mention it is free to start?

Asking for a work sample is a great way to understand an applicant's skills and abilities, but this may only apply to specific roles, so we suggest making this field optional with a prompt along the lines of, “if you have any prior work samples you would like to share, do it here”

If you are going to request a work sample, we suggest you also ask for details about the submission, such as the context of the project and their process to achieve the final result.

Reform lets you create fields for uploading files, allowing your candidate to upload resumes and work samples. If you’d like to ask them to complete a test project, you can embed images or videos to prompt the question or project. This is also a great way to weed out non-serious candidates. However, this may not make sense if you plan to use the form across different departments.

Yes! We understand that collecting all the needed information on a single page is difficult. With Reform, you can create as many pages as needed within a single form and divide the content to your preference.

Create a free job application form with Reform

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