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Order form template

Create a beautiful order form with Reform

Frequently asked questions

You can create special order forms tailored to your specific needs using Reform’s no-code form builder. Simply create an account or give it a try as a guest. Choose from one of our many templates or start from scratch. Click on each block to specify what you want to include. You can pick from different types of content or input fields.

In an order form, your customer includes details of the product or service they expect to receive. As a business owner, order forms allow you to streamline order management and fulfillment by collecting all customer information and their orders in one place. This can be helpful for data management, organization, and accessibility. This form can also help streamline your business operations by reducing the need for manual data entry or running after your clients for vital details they may have failed to provide. You can use Reform’s order form template to get started building forms with questions you may have.

Deciding what fields to include in your order form ultimately boils down to what you need from the customer to move forward with their order. When you use Reform, you can ask questions in various formats. For instance, you can have them type a response in text form or upload a file. Here are some common examples of fields to include in your form:

  • Customer name
  • Company name (if applicable)
  • Contact information
  • Shipping address (if applicable)
  • Order specifics (this will vary depending on your company), for example:
    • Priorities and goals: This is especially important if you’re a service provider
    • Retail or wholesale: SKUs or product names and quantities
    • Custom products: a comment box for inputting details or requests, perhaps an option to upload files
    • Services: project specifics needed to complete the order
    • For more complex orders, you may want to give the user the option to schedule an onboarding or “what to expect” call

Yes, Reform offers businesses the option to include custom colors and their logo on their order forms. This way, you can create a sales order form that captures your company's brand perfectly. Plus, with Reform's user-friendly form builder, it's extremely easy to create a beautiful, customized order form in just minutes.

You can include any type of field on your order form, including text fields, file uploads, number fields, date fields, scales, drop-down menus, radio buttons, and checkboxes. We also have fields that automatically format the data for you, such as name, email, and URL.

Yes, there is an option to create a ‘Thank You’ page in Reform that you can easily customize and transform into an order confirmation page. You can also use this page to upsell other products or services that you offer. Alternatively, you can set up a redirect page that takes the customer to your website, a product page, or landing page. To create a ‘Thank You’ page, simply click on the relevant tab in the form builder and add your content.

Reform is an excellent option if you're looking for a sales or service order template upon which to build your formor services order form. You can use Reform to create a custom order form tailored to your business. We have all of our competitors' features - and then some. Plus, it’s free to use!

Create an order form with Reform

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