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Referral form template

Create a free referral form with Reform

Whether you're looking to refer someone or get a referral from someone, using a referral form to gather the information is a good idea. With Reform, it's easy to put together a referral form that's fast, beautiful and will make a good impression.

Referrals are easy to process through Reform's dashboard once someone fills out your form. In addition, you'll get all referrals sent to you via email.

Frequently asked questions

A referral form is a document that allows customers, employees, or clients to refer businesses or individuals for a position, service, or product. Depending on your situation, you can use a referral form in different ways:

  • Someone wants to be part of a referral program and is completing the referral form.
  • Your client or stakeholder is filling in a referral form to help you figure out who recommended you to them

There are many different types of referral forms:

  • A client referral form is used to track referrals from one client to another.
  • An employee referral form is used to track referrals from one employee to a new employee candidate.
  • A customer referral form is used to track referrals from one customer to another.
  • A patient referral form is used by medical practices to track referrals from a new patient or another provider.

And finally, a referral request form is used to track requests for referrals from potential customers or clients.

A digital referral form has many benefits over a paper referral form. For starters, an electronic referral form can easily be modified and updated in real-time. It also makes it easier to collect all responses in one place and even export them directly to your CRM.

With Reform, our forms load instantly, so you don’t have to wait on spinning circles. Also, it’s good for the environment! Ditch the printer and file cabinets and switch to a form you can keep directly on your website and share with ease.

Yes, with our third-party integrations, you can securely transfer data from your referral request form to your referral card template. Your referral list will be stored securely.

You can easily create a referral form in Reform. Create an account or use our builder as a guest for free. From there, you can choose one of our pre-built templates or create your own form from scratch. Once you're in the builder, all you have to do is to click on the blocks to add fields, text, images, and more. Add your own logo and colors, and add a customized “Thank You” page to share with the user upon completion.

Yes! You don’t even need an account to get started - you can start using the builder completely risk-free. Reform is free to use if you only want to use the basic features. You only pay if you decide to upgrade and unlock our advanced features.

Nope, you can use our platform, no coding knowledge required. Our interface is extremely user-friendly with a simple click-and-select builder. Easily build professional-looking referral forms with our wide selection of available pre-built templates or start your own from scratch. Once you are done, it’s easy to share the form or embed it on your website!

If you do enjoy coding, our forms integrate directly to your app webhooks to offer a more low-code solution.

Create a free referral form with Reform

No credit card required to start building. Collect unlimited responses on all plans.