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Here’s the story of how a minimalistic form builder became the go-to tool for driving more, higher quality leads.

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I'm Arun, CEO of Reform and Founder of FunnelEnvy. With over a decade of experience in Conversion Rate Optimization, our team at FunnelEnvy has run thousands of experiments on websites, lead generation resources, and you guessed it, forms!

To us, forms aren’t just some afterthought you slap on a website to collect data.,

They’re the cornerstone to build trust between you and your audience.

Filling out a form is an act of faith demonstrating that the value you’re promising is enough for someone to entrust you with their (often sensitive) information and time.

To higher converting forms,

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Arun Sivashankarn
CEO, Reform
Founder, FunnelEnvy

Our journey so far

Day 1

Cofounders Peter Suhm and Bjørn Lindholm had a bright idea – why not make forms that people actually want to fill out?

Year 1

Reform launched, quickly gaining traction and topping Product Hunt. High fives all around!

Year 2

FunnelEnvy acquires Reform, honing the focus on lead conversions, leveraging over a decade of experience. Same mission, sharper focus.


With fresh energy and ideas, we're dedicated to executing on an ambitious product roadmap.

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