Direct integration with the rest of your marketing and sales tech stack

Connect Reform to your app, internal tools, or any of our plug-and-play integration partners.

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Connect Reform to Zapier and unlock endless automation possibilities. Seamlessly integrate with thousands of apps, ensuring your form data flows smoothly into your favorite tools and platforms for optimal workflow efficiency.

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Google Analytics

Track your forms in Google Analytics to gain valuable insights into user behavior. Measure form performance, monitor conversions, and optimize your lead generation strategies based on comprehensive data analytics.

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Stay instantly updated with Reform’s Slack integration. Post a message in Slack for every new form submission, ensuring your team is promptly informed and can act on new leads without delay.

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Streamline your sales process by syncing Reform form responses directly with leads in Close. This integration ensures your sales team has immediate access to the latest data, improving response times and lead management.



Grow your email list effortlessly with Reform’s ConvertKit integration. Automatically add form responses as subscribers in ConvertKit, making it easier to nurture leads and engage your audience through targeted email campaigns.

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Google Sheets

Organize and analyze your form submissions efficiently with Google Sheets. Each new submission is added to a row, allowing for easy data management, tracking, and collaboration with your team.

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Customize your workflows with Reform’s webhook integration. Configure webhooks to trigger every time there’s a form submission, sending data to any endpoint and enabling real-time updates and actions.

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Enhance your marketing automation with Reform’s Hubspot integration. Automatically add new contacts to Hubspot, ensuring your CRM is always up-to-date with the latest leads for effective nurturing and follow-up.

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Boost your sales and marketing efforts by integrating Reform with Salesforce. Seamlessly add new leads to Salesforce, allowing your team to manage and track prospects efficiently within your CRM.

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Optimize your lead management process with Reform’s Marketo integration. Automatically transfer form data to Marketo, enabling you to enhance your marketing automation and drive targeted campaigns with accurate, real-time information.


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Reform is what Typeform should have been: clean, native-feeling form that are quick and easy to spin up. Reform does the job without a bunch of ceremony.
Derrick Reimer
Derrick Reimer
Founder, SavvyCal