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Clean forms. On brand.

Putting together clean, on-brand forms for your business should be easy. With Reform, it finally is. No code required.

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Reform multi-step example

The features

Forms that don’t get in the way

Your forms need to look great. But they also need to look like they're yours. With Reform, your forms look super clean, and it's easy to add your own branding to spice things up.
Single or multi-page forms
One question per page is great for some forms, but we believe it’s a silly constraint. Sometimes a single page works better. If you want to have more than one question per page, that's cool too.
The analytics you need
Keep your finger on the pulse while responses are coming in. It's easy to review your data in Reform and send it to a spreadsheet, analytics tool, or somewhere else.
Integrates with your stack
Reform is a no-code tool that integrates with all your other no-code tools. If you’re more code-savvy, you can integrate directly with your app using webhooks.
Blazing fast forms
Our forms are really fast. Everything is statically hosted and served via our CDN. They load faster than you can say "loading spinner".
Accessible by default
Reform provides accessibility out of the box because you care about your respondents. We think accessibility is table stakes for a form builder today.

The problem

What’s wrong with Typeform?

Typeform pioneered modern forms, making them beautiful, modern, and fun. Then modern became gimmicky, superfluous, and slow. Meanwhile, their iconic brand has become too recognizable.

The themes look like PowerPoint and the "build from scratch" is near impossible to make your own. Don't get us wrong, Typeforms are a good way to show you care versus a Google Form. But choosing Typeform requires certain sacrifices.

That's why we're building Reform.

How Reform is better

Forms should render and display instantly. No loading spinners allowed.
Your name, logo, and colors, front and center. Your brand shines through, not ours.
Linear and non-linear
You deserve the option of taking your respondent down a one-question-at-a-time path, or not.
Take care of all of your respondents with forms that anyone can read and answer.
Usable designs
Being beautiful shouldn't come at the cost of usability. No messing with default browser behavior just because it looks cool.

Use cases

Reform is great for

  • User feedback
  • Product & customer research
  • Job applications
  • Customer registration
  • Early access pages
  • Onboarding surveys
  • Lead capture
  • And much more ...
Reform single-page example

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