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Enhance user onboarding and retention with Reform's detailed onboarding survey template.

Why a SaaS Onboarding Survey

Onboarding is a critical phase for any SaaS business, as it sets the tone for the user experience and can significantly impact retention rates. A SaaS onboarding survey helps businesses gather feedback on the onboarding process, identify pain points, and make necessary improvements. Reform's SaaS onboarding survey form is designed to capture detailed feedback from new users, helping you to optimize the onboarding experience.

Reform excels in creating forms that provide valuable insights and actionable data. With features like conditional logic, spam prevention, and seamless integration with CRM systems, Reform ensures that the feedback you collect is both relevant and actionable. By using Reform, SaaS businesses can enhance their onboarding process and improve user satisfaction and retention.

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Tips for Effective SaaS Onboarding Surveys

Ask Key Questions

  • Focus on key questions that will help you understand the onboarding experience, usability, and areas for improvement.
  • Use a mix of quantitative and qualitative questions to capture a comprehensive view of user feedback.

Provide Clear Instructions

  • Ensure that the survey is easy to navigate and understand. Use clear instructions and examples where necessary.
  • Keep the survey concise to avoid overwhelming users, but comprehensive enough to gather meaningful input.

Analyze and Act on Feedback

  • Regularly review the feedback received and identify common themes or issues.
  • Use the insights gathered to make data-driven decisions and refine your onboarding process accordingly.

Communicate Changes

  • Keep your users informed about the changes you are making based on their feedback.
  • Show appreciation for their input and explain how it has influenced your onboarding process.

Use Reform for your Saas Onboarding Survey

By leveraging Reform's advanced features, SaaS businesses can create an onboarding survey that gathers valuable insights and helps in optimizing the onboarding experience. The seamless integration with CRM systems ensures that the data collected is immediately usable, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and improve user satisfaction and retention.

Get Started with Reform Templates (in 2 minutes)

  1. Create a Reform account, if you haven't already.
  2. Pick the demo request form template.
  3. Use the drag-and-drop form builder to customize the template. You can easily add your own branding and any additional questions.
  4. Publish and add the form to your website.

You can easily link to the form from your website or embed it directly on one of your pages. Just copy/paste the snippets from the Share page in Reform. You should also take a look under Integrations and enable a few that makes sense for your workflow.

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I've been using Reform for a landing page contact form for the past couple of months - really loving it so far! Super clean product and great support.
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Christian Randløv Schmidt

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