Big News about the Future of Reform

Peter Suhm
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Today, I’m excited to announce that Reform has been acquired by FunnelEnvy.

FunnelEnvy’s team are experts at funnel optimization, and going forward, Reform’s customers will benefit from all their learnings from helping customers through their agency.

It’s been two and a half years since Bjørn and I started working on Reform, and I’m really proud of the product we’ve built in that time. The FunnelEnvy team is committed to building on our original vision and serving the hundreds of customers who trusted us enough to host their forms.

Before handing over the baton to the FunnelEnvy team, I want to thank all of you for your support over the past two years. Thanks for helping us get Reform off the ground. Thanks for helping us get to the top of Product Hunt. Thanks for trusting us with your forms!

I’m excited to follow the Reform journey as a customer and user (and as an advisor), and I hope you are too!

Finally, I’ll let Arun Sivashankaran, FunnelEnvy’s founder, provide an introduction:

Having been in Conversion Rate Optimization for over a decade, our team at FunnelEnvy has run thousands of experiments on websites, landing pages and, of yes, forms!

We believe that forms aren’t just some afterthought you slap on a website to collect data. They’re an essential step in forming a trusted relationship between parties, the critical interaction which demonstrates that the value you’re promising is enough for someone to entrust you with their (often sensitive) information and time. Unfortunately, in our times, clogged inboxes and privacy concerns make it as important as ever to ensure that forms remain an integral part of the digital trust-building process.

As part of my search to make better forms more accessible, I came across Reform and was incredibly impressed with what Peter and Bjørn had built, and just as importantly the manner in which they had built it. We’re humbled and excited to be taking the baton with an unwavering goal: to help you create forms that look great, are awesome to fill out and integrate with your workflow.

We have a vision, an ambitious roadmap, and above all, an earnest commitment to all our customers and partners. Please stay connected as we roll out new updates and announcements.

Thank you for your faith and continued support. Let’s make the next chapter of Reform's journey even more exceptional!

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