Reform / Close CRM integration

Peter Suhm
Close + Reform Integration image

I'm super excited to share something we've been working on here at Reform — a direct integration with Close CRM.

Close is a great all-in-one CRM solution and a fantastic place to send the leads you collect and enrich with Reform.

Collect and enrich your leads with Reform

There are a few different ways to get leads into your CRM, such as adding them manually after a sales call or via API when they sign up for your product. Another way is to add them when they fill out a form on your website or in an email — contact forms, "download our free ebook" forms, "sign up for our webinar" forms, and "join our newsletter" forms are all examples of forms where you might gather leads.

Reform is a form builder that makes putting together forms like these easy without knowing how to code or design. The forms you create with Reform can be hosted by Reform, embedded on your website, or linked to in an email.

Screenshot of the Reform form builder showing a Sales Form being built.
The Reform form builder.

Here are some of Reform's form builder features:

  • Conditional logic to render different form pages or redirect leads based on answers.
  • Headless forms if you want to build and design your own forms and just use Reform as the backend.
  • Direct integrations with Zapier, Google Sheets, Notion, ConvertKit, and more.
  • File uploads.
  • An easy-to-use form builder.

And here are some features we've built specifically for the Close integration (plus a few we're planning to add):

  • Map Reform fields to contact, lead, and custom fields in Close.
  • Gather new leads, enrich existing ones, or both.
  • Automatically store all form submissions in Close for easy querying.
  • Company and personal data enrichment add-on (coming soon).
  • Save incomplete/abandoned responses so reps can follow out (coming soon).

Connect Reform to your Close account

When you enable the integration from the Integrations tab, Reform will ask you for your Close API key (on your next form, we'll reuse the same key, so you only need to do this step once.)

Clicking the link will take you straight to the Close API settings, where you can create a new API key.

Screenshot of the Close integration settings page in Reform where the interface is asking the user to paste an API key from their Close account.
Connecting Reform to Close is as easy as copying and pasting your API key.

After Reform has connected to your Close account, you have a few different options for how to set up the connection. By default, Reform will add new leads and enrich existing ones — unless you have a good reason, leave this as is.

Next, tell Reform how you want to map your form fields to leads and contacts in your Close account.

Screenshot of the Close integration settings page in Reform showing different configuration options.
It's up to you how you want to map your form data to your leads and contacts in Close.

Finally, fill out your form to ensure everything is hooked up successfully!

If something isn't working, don't hesitate to ask for help —

Now, all the leads you connect with Reform will flow into your Close account automatically.

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