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Demo Request Form

Capture more leads with a better demo request form

Your demo request form is one of the first points of contact with new leads, so you want to make sure you leave a good impression. With Reform, it's easy to put together a professional, on-brand demo request form for your product or service.

Once you receive a new demo request, you'll get an email notification. Requests are easy to process from the Reform dashboard, and you can connect Reform to your CRM to have leads automatically synced there.


This is how the demo request form template looks in Reform with the branding of our fictive startup, Mailbay. It's easy to customize the form with your own branding and questions.

You can try out the template for free by creating a Reform account here.

Should 'request a demo' be required?

As with so many things, this really depends on your business. Requiring potential customers to request a demo is a solid way to ensure you get to talk to a lot of leads. That can be crucial early on while you're still searching for product-market fit, especially if you're struggling to get customers on the phone. However, if self-serve is a viable option, you might be losing business by forcing everyone to request a demo. Unless you truly need to talk to everyone, for onboarding or customer development purposes, you should likely make it optional.

4 ideas to make your demo request form convert more

Here are a few ideas to make your demo request form convert a bit more:

Idea 1: Remind them why they're there

It's always a good idea to remind leads why they are there. People have a really short attention span and maybe something came up when they were about to fill out the form. Remind them why they are there and see if you can make them even more excited about what's about to happen.

Idea 2: KISS

Keep It Short and Sweet on your request form. Remember, until they've filled out the form, they are still just a visitor. Don't scare them away with a long form that looks like a lot of work. Only ask for the most important things. Once you have their email, you can ask them as many questions as you want. Most questions should be saved for the actual demo.

Idea 3: Show a pre-recorded demo on the confirmation page

Just because someone requested a demo, doesn't mean they are going to show up on the actual call. Why not do a bit more marketing while you have them. With Reform, it's really easy to embed a video on the confirmation page after someone submits your form. Maybe you can thank them for getting in touch and share a few exciting features they might have missed?

If you product has a self-serve component, this video might also be a nudge to see if you can get them to onboard themselves instead of requiring the demo.

Idea 4: Reply as fast as possible

Most importantly, don't let your leads hang for too long. Make sure you get back to them as soon as possible.

Reform automatically emails you when someone fills out your form, but you can also connect it to your team Slack so the whole team gets a notification. You can also add more people to the email notifications, so fewer requests slip through the cracks.

How to create a demo request form with Reform (in 2 minutes)

It's easy and fast to make a demo request form in Reform. Here's how:

Step 1: Create a Reform account

Create a Reform account, if you haven't already.

Step 2: Pick the demo request form template

When creating your first form, pick the demo request form template.

Step 3: Customize the form template

Use the drag-and-drop form builder to customize the template. You can easily add your own branding and any additional questions.

Step 4: Add the form to your website

After publishing your form, you can easily link to it from your website or embed it directly on one of your pages. Just copy/paste the snippets from the Share page in Reform. You should also take a look under Integrations and enable a few that makes sense for your workflow.

Create a Demo Request Form with Reform

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