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Suggestion Box Template

Create a free suggestion box with Reform

For someone to take the time to share their feedback with you, you need a suggestion box that doesn't get in the way.

With Reform, it's easy to put together a beautiful, fast-to-fill-out suggestion box form for your business. It's easy to to add your own branding and your suggestion box can integrate with all the tools you already use.

Reform sends all suggestions to you via email, and browsing and processing them is quick and easy from the Reform dashboard. You can add tags to suggestions or get them all synced to a spreadsheet automatically.

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Frequently asked questions

A suggestion or feedback box form is a way to collect feedback from employees, students, clients, customers, and other stakeholders. This feedback can be used to improve operations, processes or product development.

While the contents of the suggestion box form vary based on your organizational needs and purposes, we have outlined some common fields to include below:

  • Name (make this optional, in case the user wants to remain anonymous)
  • Email address (in case the user would like to be followed up with regarding their suggestion—this should also be optional)
  • If they are a client or customer, you may want to request order-specific items such as order number
  • Fields related to providing the feedback:
    • What is the feedback?
    • Why are they providing the feedback
    • How can the feedback be implemented?
  • A scale asking how likely they are to recommend your company to a friend or family member

It’s incredibly simple to build a feedback form online using Reform. You can get started without even registering, or have access to more features by creating an account. We even have pre-built feedback templates to start with, making it both quick and easy to build your own feedback form. If you want to change any fields, simply click on the gear icon next to them. Alternatively, you can add your own fields or text by clicking on “add form block” at the bottom and selecting your desired category.

We suggest that you have a digital feedback box versus a physical one because it’s much easier to use, more secure, and can help you receive and respond to feedback more effectively. It’s easier to distribute and generate feedback because you can share it in an email or embed on your website.

With Reform, you can store feedback responses however you like. You can log into Reform to see all form responses.You can even export them to CSV, allowing you to analyze the data. If you would rather store the feedback somewhere else, we have integrated with Zapier, which allows you to securely transfer responses to the platform of your choice.

Yes! With Reform, you can get email notifications straight to your inbox or you can have them sent to a team member. You can also disable this feature if you would prefer not to be alerted. However, we suggest enabling notifications for suggestion box forms so you don’t miss any feedback.

With a feedback form, the more responses you collect, the better your product or organization can be. Here are some ideas on where to distribute the feedback forms:

  • Embedded to your website.
  • Shared on social media.
  • Privately shared via email.
  • Sent as a link in a relevant newsletter.

You can then create an automated “Thank You” page or follow-up email to those who have provided their feedback or suggestions.

Create a Suggestion Box Form with Reform

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