Headless forms have arrived in Reform

Peter Suhm
Product form screenshot

Today, we're launching a big Reform feature – headless forms! And what are headless forms, you might ask? Headless forms are forms where you build the form yourself, and Reform takes care of form submissions and everything that happens afterward.

This means that no matter if you're building a static site, a WordPress site, a Webflow site, or whatever site you're building, you can use Reform as the "form backend" for all your forms. And the nice thing about that is that your forms can look exactly how you want them to!

Example of a custom form using headless Reform behind the scenes.

With Headless forms, you are entirely responsible for the design and layout of the forms, and you can make them look exactly the way you want them to. Just point your forms to Reform, and we will take care of saving your submissions, triggering integrations, making redirects, etc.

Headless is available as a sharing option for all Reforms. You can find it under the Share page.

Oh, and we also made a video! To be honest, I spent way too much time making this video, and it didn't turn out very well... Too bad! My wife told me there was no way we could use it, but a few of my friends thought it was funny enough to share, so here you go:

But wait, there's more

Okay, Steve Jobs. And what is that?

We also launched a new block type. In fact, our most requested block type: A phone number field!

Reform now supports phone numbers.

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but I thought I'd mention it regardless since so many people have asked for it!

Want to try it?

If you don't yet have a Reform account, you can create one here:

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