Big update: Conditional logic, redirects, save progress

Peter Suhm
Reform announces conditional logic, save progress

Today's update marks the biggest change in what Reform can do since we launched it last year. Over the past few weeks and months, we've added some really powerful no-code features to Reform that have exponentially increased the amount of form and survey experiences you can build with it.


In this video, I'll give you a quick tour of what's new:

Now, let's take a look at those features:

Conditional logic

Reform has had a very simple version of conditional logic for a long time. With an emphasis on "simple." Not having advanced logic features has always been a blocker for a lot of the use cases that our users wanted to use Reform for. And it's been frustrating.

That has changed now. We've worked really hard to ship what we now call Logic. With Logic, you can perform actions on each of your form pages by adding conditional logic. Currently, Reform supports three different actions:

  • Jump to page when ...
  • Skip page when ...
  • Redirect to URL when ...

It's pretty mind-boggling how much you can actually build with these simple building blocks. It's perfect for sending leads through different funnels, taking applications for something, or running customer surveys.

Screenshot of the conditional logic builder in Reform

With Logic, Reform is truly becoming a no-code tool, and I'm really excited to see all the cool things that our users will build with it.

Redirect with prefilled URLs

When using the redirect action built into Logic, we've added another cool feature: The ability to inject answers from the form into the redirect URL.

If you click the little cog wheel next to a block in the form builder, you can select "Copy ID," which will give you the block ID. You can then use the block ID in the redirect URL by wrapping it in {{ ... }} brackets.


The ability to inject answers into URLs is super helpful for prepopulating fields in tools such as SavvyCal and Calendly, redirecting to your own app, or even redirecting to another form.

Save progress and come back later

This one was highly requested but not something we thought would happen anytime soon. It just felt like a big bite to chew off.

Then, one day, Bjørn was like, "I think I have an idea for how we could build 'save progress,'" and two days later, he shipped it. Pretty amazing whenever that happens!

Screenshot of Reform's "save progress" feature

With "Save progress," your respondents can save their progress and receive an email with a link to come back later. That is super helpful for long forms like applications or long surveys, like a Product-Market fit survey.

Allowing respondents to save progress is available to all Reform Pro accounts ($25/month or $250/year).

New number block types

A nice little quality-of-life update we also shipped recently was adding two new number blocks: Currency and Percent.

Screenshot of Reform's block menu with the new number blocks

These block types should be pretty self-explanatory. At the time of writing, we support dollars, USD, AUD, CAD, Euros, and British Pounds.

Dropdown block type

Also, very highly requested: A dropdown block type.

Screenshot of a dropdown block type in Reform's form builder

A dropdown block is great when you need a little more than fits in a "Select one" block. We've made it easy to paste in a long list of options, but otherwise, this feature is nothing revolutionary.

And with that, I think that was the update I wanted to share today!


Thank you 🙏


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