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We built something cool for ConvertKit creators

Peter Suhm
Peter Suhm 2 min read

I'm really excited to share the first version of the integration we're building between Reform and ConvertKit. It's already available in your Reform account today.

At Reform, we're huge fans of ConvertKit, and we know many of our customers are too. Both as a company and as an excellent tool for creators. In fact, ConvertKit is the most requested email service provider integration at Reform.

We've been excited to invest in making Reform better for the segment of our customers that are also relying on ConvertKit to run their businesses.

It's free

The ConvertKit integration is available on all Reform plans, including Reform Free.

By the way, ConvertKit also has a free tier, so you can get started with Reform and ConvertKit entirely for free. And what should you use it for?

One idea would be to query new subscribers about topics to write about, so you never run out of inspiration, as Brennan Dunn does (he shared the tactic in a newsletter here).

Take control of the mapping

By default, Reform sets up everything on behalf of you. Literally, all you need to do is to copy/paste your ConvertKit API secret into Reform. No configuration is needed whatsoever.

However, if you already have workflows in ConvertKit and would like more control, we've got you covered. By flipping the "Take control of mapping" switch in Reform, you're in control. You can then go through each of your blocks in Reform and map them to your custom fields in ConvertKit.

Screenshots of the Reform settings to map Reform blocks to ConvertKit custom fields.

The ConvertKit integration is available in your Reform account today.

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