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Say Hello to Reform Free 👋

Peter Suhm
Peter Suhm 3 min read

Today, I'm very excited to share the details about our new, 100% free product - Reform Free. With Reform Free, you get the Reform form builder, hosted forms, and unlimited responses without paying a dollar for it. The main difference between our paid product and Free is that Free is showing a bit of Reform branding on forms and on the "Thank you" page. If you're OK with that, you won't have to pay to use Reform.

If you already have a Reform account and are not a paying customer, we've converted your account to a Reform Free account. If you don't yet have an account, you can create one here.

How come it's free? What's the catch?

Naturally, when something is provided for free you better understand the "why". The very short version is that when you're using Reform Free, you're helping to spread the word about Reform, making it worth it for us to provide the product free of charge.

The way you do that is that your forms will have a button in the corner of the screen with a link to sign up for Reform. When someone completes your form, instead of a custom "Thank you" page, they'll see our default Reform confirmation page as well.

Who will pay and who will not?

So how come we've decided to launch Reform Free?

Initially, Reform was built for small businesses and startups. If you're a business, you most likely don't mind paying for useful tools that helps you run your business. We believe that small businesses will continue to pay for Reform because they'll want to own the entire brand real estate on their forms.

However, increasingly we're hearing from other groups of people who'd like to use Reform such as podcasters, newsletter authors, bloggers, students, etc. that are not necessarily set up to pay for it. We want these groups to be able to use Reform as well and with Reform Free we've found a model where they can.

We've changed our prices, too

As part of launching Reform Free, we've also updated our pricing. We've lowered the base price of $19 to $15 and added some extra tiers with more features and higher volume.

If you're currently paying for Reform, you should already have received an email explaining how the new pricing works. It's all opt-in and you can choose to keep paying what you're paying now. However, we don't think most will as the new base price is lower than what most customers are currently paying. Again, that is all explained in the email.

For new customers, this is what Reform's pricing looks like as of today:

Screenshot of Reform's pricing plans.

You can check out the current pricing yourself on our pricing page.


Want to see what the free product looks like?

Here's an interactive demo for ya!

And if you haven't yet, sign up for a Reform account here.

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