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Consent form template

Create a free consent form with Reform

Frequently asked questions

A consent form or waiver form (sometimes referred to as a permission slip) helps you minimize liability by having a customer, client, patient, parent, employee or any other relevant person acknowledge risks or terms associated with an agreement or action through a signature.

A general consent form usually asks for details about the person signing the document and requests their explicit permission for something. For example, this includes undergoing medical treatment or sharing data with another party.

An electronic consent form isn’t easily misplaced, as opposed to a physical file that may get lost in a sea of paperwork. Using Reform, you can easily build and modify your electronic consent forms, save them online, and access them again later on.

This form typically contains language indicating the individual's agreement to participate in research, treatment, or other activity. Be sure to explain what the user is consenting to in great detail. It is also a good idea to have your legal team review this beforehand. The form should include the following:

  • Consenter’s full name
  • Consenter’s contact details
  • A general acknowledgment box.
  • If the signer is signing on behalf of someone else, for instance, a child, the form should also request the child’s name and the signer’s relationship to the child.

Start by creating an account in Reform for free and access our form builder. You can choose our consent form templates, or create your form from scratch. You can add a block of text explaining what the user is consenting to or you can embed a video. You can add more blocks to collect the user’s basic information using the relevant input fields. Finally, you will want to add a ‘confirmation’ field to give the user the option to consent.

Yes! Through our form builder, you can use logical flows to show or hide fields based on previous responses and more. For example, if one of the questions is, “Are you a parent or guardian?”, you can configure the form to show additional questions about the child and the signer’s relationship to the child based on the response to that question.

Of course! Reform allows you to completely customize your electronic waiver to feature your brand colors and logo. You can set up a custom “Thank You” or confirmation page, or have the user automatically directed to a page on your website upon completion.

You can opt in to receive email notifications whenever someone completes your form. In this case, you can respond directly to the person if needed. Alternatively, you can log into Reform to view or export all responses or leverage one of our third-party integrations to transfer responses.

Create a free consent form form with Reform

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