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Donation form template

Create a free donation form with Reform

You have better things to do than trying to build and design a donation form from scratch. With Reform, you can create a donation form for your cause that's beautiful and delightful for donors to fill out.

You can easily add videos and images to your forms to tell donors about your cause. Browsing and processing responses to your form is fast and convenient from the Reform dashboard.

Frequently asked questions

There are several key advantages to using a donation form template. Firstly, it means you are given a structure to work with. This contrasts the alternative of having to come up with one on your own accord. Moreover, a donation form template will cover all the bases of what a donation form should include and you don’t need to know any coding to simply add a template.

An online donation form should include the following:

  • First name field.
  • Surname field.
  • Address field.
  • Phone number field.
  • Donation amount field. *
  • Non-profit branding (e.g. logo, brand colors, and a tone consistent with your other communications).
  • Various information about the donation
    • Why they want to donate
    • On behalf of whom they are donating
    • What they expect from this donation

*It’s worth adding a suggested amount in the donation field too.

The best way to do this is to keep the questions/fields to a minimum. Only include what you must. Minimizing images and unnecessary design elements can also help simplify things. Moreover, if possible, you should also remove the navigation bar for your website on the giving page or minimize it. This would let donors focus squarely on the form.

There isn’t much of a difference. Technically the latter is provided more as a gesture/request, whereas the former is more likely to be presented only to those actively seeking to donate. Online, forms relating to donations tend to be examples of the former rather than donation request forms.

No, of course not! You can totally use a single-page form if you’d like. We offer this as one of our templates for form building. While you could use a question for each page, you don’t need to be constrained to just this option. That’s why you can build a form that lets you add all questions to a single scrollable page.

Generally, you won’t need to know how to code to build an online donation form. For example, Reform is a no-code tool. However, we do allow you to integrate directly with another app via webhooks if you’d prefer to use some coding.

While there are thousands of form builders online, Reform is building a new one, aimed to provide something fresh considering that most form builders were compiled many years ago. You can see this with the designs used with many online forms that come with unnecessary constraints and which are too gimmicky.

The thing is, though, that unique donation forms are too challenging to build for most people and ones that already exist don’t blend in naturally with your website (i.e. people will be able to tell that you’re using someone else’s form). Other common problems with many existing form templates online are slow forms, poor accessibility, and boring templates. At Reform, we are seeking to overcome these challenges by offering something more appealing, accessible, and customizable.

Reform provides forms letting you include your own logo, name, and brand colors. This is part of what makes our templates customizable and more effective than many old constrained templates. All in all, you can easily add branding to your donation template with our service.

A/B testing for online forms involves changing elements such as the tagline, images, color scheme, and suggested donation amounts. You then need to choose two templates and test them out either with real supporters or test groups and see which performs the best.

If you use a payment solution such as Stripe Payment Links, an invoice will be automatically sent to the donor after the payment has been made.

Create a free donation form with Reform

No credit card required to start building. Collect unlimited responses on all plans.