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Sponsorship form template

Create a free sponsorship form with Reform

Frequently asked questions

Having a template means you already have a structure to start with, as opposed to starting from scratch. Our sponsorship form template includes everything you need - and more.

An online sponsorship form should include the following:

  • First name field.
  • Surname field.
  • Address field.
  • Phone number field.
  • Donation amount field.
  • Various sponsorship details
    • Sponsorship packages
    • Sponsorship benefits
    • Compensations and benefits
    • Agreement details
  • Branding such as your logo and brand colors.
  • Consider adding a suggested amount to the donation “amount” field. Naturally, this will depend on the type of sponsorship form you need, whether it is for an event, a newsletter advertisement, or even an investment.

  • Include an option to sign up for different sponsorship packages and increase rewards as the price goes up. Creating sponsorship tiers can be attractive to companies looking for more lucrative deals. That said, it can even work for charity initiatives to encourage sponsors to pay more.

  • Whatever your sponsorship form is about, make sure to keep it simple and easy to understand. Your main objective with sending out these forms is having sponsors, so make sure that the terms aren’t hard to follow.

  • In the same vein, make sure that the sponsorship form is very easy to complete, especially if you want to get many sponsors with small donations. Otherwise, they might not end up submitting the form.

Keep it simple and limit design elements where possible. It is easy to get carried away with creating an intricate design but people generally prefer when you get straight to the point, so keep that in mind when designing your form.

It’s totally up to you. Reform lets you use either approach depending on your preference. While many websites employ multi-page forms, some prefer single-page forms. After all, why be constrained to one solution?

With Reform, you can add your name, logo, and brand colors. We offer several options to tailor your form to suit your needs - and this naturally includes your company branding.

A/B testing involves testing two very forms with very slightly different elements (e.g., 1-2 different fields) and seeing how they perform. The elements you might change include color scheme, images, tagline, and suggested donation amounts. By testing out different forms, you can see which one performs best.

Yes, you can review submissions and export them to a spreadsheet through Reform. Furthermore, if you use our service and turn on email notifications, responses will appear in your inbox, letting you respond to the users directly.

Create a free sponsorship form with Reform

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